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Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Companies

Due to ongoing sanctions on Russian oil and gas companies, Kazakhstan has become the second-best choice for petroleum products and a major point of interest for scammers impersonating legitimate companies. We have prepared a list of major oil and gas companies in Kazakhstan and their official websites.

kazakhstan oil & gas companies


KazMunayGas (KMG, JSC NC «KazMunayGas», АО Национальная компания «КазМунайГаз») is the state-owned oil and gas company of Kazakhstan, founded in 2002. The company manages assets throughout the entire production cycle, from exploration and production to transportation, refinery, and service provision.

Kazmunaygas Subsidiaries / Assets & Joint Ventures





Oilfield Services


JSC NC "QazaqGaz" is a vertically integrated national gas company of the Republic of Kazakhstan operating along the entire chain from exploration and production to the sale of final products. The company was renamed from JSC NC "KazTransGas" in 2021.

QazaqGaz Subsidiaries / Assets


  • Mangyshlak Munai

  • Otan Gas

  • QazaqGaz

  • Tegis Munai





LLP RAMCO Holding (formerly KazInRuss-Trading) was founded in 2012 as a manufacturing enterprise. In 2019, the company was restructured, and subsidiaries were created. The authorized capital of the holding is owned by a single participant. 

Ramco Holding Subsidiaries / Assets

  • RAMCO Logistics - oil transportation services

  • RAMCO Trading - wholesale sales of petroleum products

  • RAMCO Refinery - oil refining and petroleum products production

  • RAMCO Oil - crude oil and natural gas production, Sinelnikovskoye field

  • RAMCO Oil Shubar - crude oil and natural gas production, Shubarkuduk field

Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan: To prevent a shortage of petroleum products on the domestic market, the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan has developed a draft joint order of the Ministers of Energy, Finance, and Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Chairman of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On some issues of the export of petroleum products from the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, providing for the extension of the ban for a period of six months for the export by road of gasoline, diesel fuel and certain types of petroleum products. The ban does not apply to the export of lubricating oils and to cases of export of petroleum products in gasoline tanks of vehicles provided by the manufacturer, as well as the export of fuel and lubricants in separate containers with a volume of no more than 20 liters. The ban will come into force on February 14, 2024.

We will be updating this list upon discovering new legitimate Kazakh companies.

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