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Jessica Walker




Fri 7:26 PM

You accepted the request

not much into chatting but hello

Fri 7:28 PM

How are you doing

Fri 7:28 PM


Fri 7:29 PM

Hope you are crushing your 2023 crypto goals

How has your trading experience been so far ?

Fri 7:29 PM

yes but not interested in chatting about it considering i get these once a week and your twitter is not a legit one

Fri 7:30 PM

How is it not legit

Fri 7:30 PM

i already know and so do you dont waste your time

Fri 7:31 PM


Fri 7:32 PM

look this is an old scam you know it and it’s really not even from a smart scammer! you didn’t have enough peanuts upstairs to even attempt to seem legit

Fri 7:35 PM

How do I seem legit mate

Fri 7:36 PM

not seem legit

Fri 7:36 PM


More followers?

Fri 7:37 PM

what has followers got to do with it you suck at the scam

Fri 7:37 PM

you suck

Fri 7:38 PM

there we go now you will show your little pencil - twits always show their real talent

Fri 7:39 PM

You only got awareness

Fri 7:41 PM

i know exactly where you are and who you are

easy to find you

Fri 7:41 PM


Fri 7:42 PM

thats how i knew you were a scammer told you that you were no good at it mate

Fri 7:43 PM

Shut up

Fri 7:43 PM

wow your getting bigger there mate

i just cant figure out one thing why are you so bad at it mate

Fri 7:44 PM


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