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#Crypto analysis - Swing Trader - long term investor | Crypto since Feb 2017 | Not financial advice | I will DM you first - Joined December 2011 - Not followed by anyone you’re following


2:04 PM

You accepted the request

Hey fine with the hello but been in crypto a long time and not looking for any other platforms to trade on or put my crypto. I run my owns nodes and self custody all of my crypto. What I trade with is on platforms with liquidity and ones that have been registered for more than three years. If you have something interesting feel free to message me but not interested in any groups or anyone trying to manage my crypto.

3:02 PM


3:07 PM

Which platform are you holding on currently?

5:59 PM

You apparently dont know crypto as well as you think. I run my own nodes and custody on my system. If and when I trade I use platforms that again have liquidity and have been in use for more than three years. I also will not give money to people, use one of there recently made crappy platforms, or let someone use my crypto to say they can give me this great profit. I hold my keys except when I trade. I DONT HOLD ON platforms. That is senseless to do with crypto.

6:03 PM

So tell me, what assets, coins, token or projects are you currently holding for the short and long term?

6:06 PM

How about you tell me what you want me to get involved with and I will look into your platform and tell you if it is any good our just another scam. I get these messages ten times a day.

Send me the information of the platform you got and I will pull the info on it

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Use this link

6:11 PM

There is an upcoming 50x trade I’m about to carry out

6:12 PM

will only take me a few minutes - i will check the site first

6:12 PM

No problem Sheeple

Let me know once done

6:13 PM

That site has been open 3 months. I knew this was going to be a junk site. There is no liquidity on it. Your trading nothing but junk!

6:14 PM


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